The sailing boat ARGELVOR


- Adapted and dedicated for scientific field work



ARGELVOR is a 43" steel Galapagos sailing boat, equipped and prepared for polar conditions. ARGELVOR is adapted and dedicated for scientific field work, and the boat can overwinter in the sea-ice and provide scientists with continuous sampling throughout a whole year.


At the stern end of the boat, there is a crossbar/gantry, including an electrical winch, in order to lift heavy equipment from the sea, and to operate scientific sampling equipment such as CTD, water samplers and plankton nets.


Aboard the ARGELVOR there is sufficient electrical capacity to operate all the scientific equipment. A mobile 6.5 KWatt generator is available if electrical power is needed in the field.


We have internet connection on board via Iridium phone, and during the wintering months a small lab with heating and some basic equipment, such as a microscope, a vacuum pump etc., is available. The boat is also equipped with a dinghy and expedition/field equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, camp stove, pulka.


Aboard the ARGELVOR we can accommodate up to six persons, and there is high capacity of volume and weight for your equipment.







6, rue du Belvédère

22700 Perros-Guirec



Phone: (+47) 911 858 13 / (+47) 920 210 82

Iridium: +88 16 22 46 68 76




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