The team

Arctic Science Field Logistics consists of a scientific and technical workforce with broad experience in leading scientific field work. ASFL offers a qualified staff to manage the implementation of your field campaign: Administrative management, logistics and field work sampling.

Logistic engineer


Alan Le Tressoler

Captain, logistic engineer and founder of ASFL. Former logistic engineer of the French-German Arctic Research Station AWIPEV and Corbel at Svalbard. For the last 8 years, he has led many expeditions and field trips organizing and facilitating multidisciplinary research in the field. Since starting at ASFL, he is the skipper of “Argelvor”, ASFL’s scientific research boat. He is the person responsible for the HSSEQ on the field, planning of scientific field trips and expeditions in challenging environments. He facilitates access and sets up field experiments for scientists.

Scientific coordinator


Elin Austerheim

Laboratory engineer and research assistant holding a master in marine ecology. Manager of the Kings Bay Marine Laboratory in Ny-Ålesund (the international laboratory in Svalbard) for 4 years, she has a wide experience in arctic field work, covering from logistics and field trip planning to sample collection and processing. She is the scientific coordinator of ASFL.



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